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Title: Economy of iron and steel in building construction: report of the committee constituted by the national buildings organisation
Authors: Ghandy, Jehangir (Chairman)
Kutar, P. H. (Member)
Ayyar, N. Padmanabha (Member)
Antia, K. F. (Member)
Bagchi, N. C. (Member)
Haldar, M. K. (Member)
Poonen, P. C. (Member)
Krebs, W. E. (Member)
Gupta, S. Das (Member)
Hodgkinson, H. (Member)
Desai, D. S. (Member)
Sen, D. M. (Member)
National Buildings Organisation
Keywords: Building, Iron and steel - India
Construction Industry - India
Building Materials - India
Steel,Structural - India
Buildings - Specifications - India
Iron, structural - India
Tall buildings - India
Issue Date: 1957
Publisher: Manager of Publications, New Delhi
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