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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1918Inspection Notes 1916 - 18Government of India
YEAR: - 1929TITLE: - Report of the Bombay Provincial Banking Enquiry Committee, 1929-30CONTRIBUTOR: -
[n.d]Report of the Expert Museum Survey CommitteeRai Krishnadasa, Member Moti Chandra, Member T.N. Ramachandran, Member
dateReport of the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for the year 1958-59, Ninth ReportL M Shrikant
1961Sixteenth Report, official Trustees Act, 1913T. L. Venkatarama Aiyar, Chairman P. Satyanarayana Rao, Member L. S. Misra, Member G. R. Rajagopaul, Member S. Chaudhuri, Member N. A. Palkhivala, Member D. Basu, Member
1960Report of the Indian Productivity Team: Small scale industries in U. S A., West Germany, Sweden and Japan April, 1960P. B. Advani, Member P. A. Masuraker, Member Surendra Kumar, Member A. N. Srinivasa Rao, Member K. S. Roy Chowdhury, Member Harbans Singh, Member G. R. Bhai, Member Ved Prakash, Member N. S. Vaidyanathan, Member
1921Report to the Government of India of the committee appointed to examine repressive LawsSapru, Tej Bahadur (Chairman); Shahab - Ud - Din (Member); Gour, H. S. (Member); Samarth, N. M. (Member); Bhurgri, G. M. (Member); Hammond, E. L. L. (Member); Chaudhuri, J. (Member); Aiyer, P. S. Sivaswamy (Member); Vincent, W. H. (Member)
1918Minutes of Evidence, 1916-17Government of India
1941Local advisory committees on Railways statement showing particulars of meetings held during the quarter ending 31st March,1940India. Railway Department
1976National commission on Agriculture, 1976: rainfall and cropping patternIndia. Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation