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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Management planning in Public enterprises: managment committee on plan projectsIndia. Planning Commission
1949Report of the export promotion committeeGorwala, A. D. (Chairman); Jalun, K. P. (Member); Ghosh, Debes Chandra (Member); Gandhi, Ratilal Mulji (Member); Gadgil, D. R. (Member); Euthymopulo, G. (Member); Abdul Jalil (Member); Jha, L. K. (Member-Secretary)
1974Report on the comprehensive review of the cement industry and revision of fair ex-works prices payable to the producers, Bombay, 1974D. P. Anand (Chairman); Singh, Pramod (Member); Palekar, M. B. (Member); Saxena, S. S. (Secretary)
1965Report of the study team on import and export trade control organisationMathur, Harish Chandra (Member); P. Sabanayagam (Member); Mukarji, N. K. (Member); Kamath, N. J. (Member); C. S. Krishna Moorthi (Member); S. S. Kumar (Member); Raisinghani, R. K. (Member); A. T. Bambawale (Member); Mukerji, S. P. (Member); Sushil Kumar (Member)
1968Report on economies in construction costsIndia. Planning Commission; Prof. M. S. Thacker, Chairman Maj. Gen. Harkirat Singh, Member Shri M. R. Chopra, Member Maj. Gen. K. N. Dubey, Member Shri N. G. Dewan, Member Shri H. P. Sinha, Member Shri D. N. Chopra, Member Shri Y. G. Patel, Member Shri P. L. Verma, Member Shri H. J. Shah, Member Shri Uttam Singh Dugal, Member Shri S. Kumar, Chairman, Member Shri S. Krishna Iyer, Member Shri Akshoy Bose, Member Shri P. C. Kapoor, Member Dr. Lal C. Verman, Member Shri C. B. Patel, Member Prof. Dinesh Mohan, Member Prof. S. R. Mehra, Member Prof. G. S. Ramaswamy, Member Shri G. Pandey, Member Prof. R. N. Dogra, Member Brig. S. K. Bose, Member Shri A. N. Malhotra, Member Shri P. S. Bhatnagar, Member Shri Kulbir Singh, Member Shri J. K. Banerjee, Member Shri K. Barua, Member Shri K. V. Joglekar, Member Shri D. K. Datey Member Shri P. T. Malla Reddy, Member Shri J. C. Abraham, Member Shri I. M. Gugdum, Member Shri K. K. Nambiar, Member Shri J. R. Bhalla, Member Shri P. N. Gadi, Member Shri J. K. Chowdhury, Member Shri P. C. Khanna, Member Shri Hukum Singh, Member Shri Jamshed Burjor Aga, Member Shri K. M. Kantawala, Member Shri D. Dutt, Member Shri S. K. Joglekar, Member Gen. R. A. Loomba, Member Shri T. N. Subba Rao, Member Shri Erach A. Nadirshah, Member Shri M. N. Dastur, Member Shri W. X. Mascarenhas, Member Shri N. S. Gupchup, Member Shri C. L. Handa, Member Shri A. R. Venkataraman, Member Dr. P. S. Lokanathan, Member Brig. K. Pennathur, Member Shri N. G. Dewan, Member Shri B. K. Guha, Member Shri Dewan, Member Shri B. K. Guha, Member Shri A. N. Malhotra, Member-Secretary Shri P. N. Gadi, Member
1953Report of the tariff commission on the continuance of protection to the button industry, Bombay, 1953Bhat, M. D. (Chairman); Naidu, B. V. Narayanaswamy (Member); Adarkar, B. N. (Member); Gupta, B. N. Das (Member); C. Ramasubban (Member); Malhotra, D. K. (Secretary)
1970Report on the fixation of prices of agricultural tractors, Bombay, 1967Pai, M. P. (Chairman); M. Zaheer (Chairman); Merchant, K. T. (Member); Subramaman, S. (Member); Gunishastri, P. V. (Secretary)
1943Report of the Jaipur state: post - war reconstruction committeeRollo, J.C. (Member); Bahadur, Raja Sardar Singhji (Member); Singhji, Rao Bahadur Thakur Narendra (Member); Rao, G. Seshagiri (Member); Singh, Dewan Bahadur Sardar Santokh (Member); Dessau, G. (Member); Kherie, Khan Sahib M. Altaf Ahmad (Member); Costa, E. (Member); Bhattacharya, B.G. (Member); Kathju, P.N. (Member); Patni, Karpoor Chandra (Member); Normand, A.R. (Member); Pande, S.D. (Member); Zaidi, B.H. (Member); Prasad, P.S. Narayan (Member)
1964Report of the committee on utilisation of external assistance, 1964Ramaswami, V. K. (Member-Secretary); Rao, V. K. R. V. (Chairman); Adarkar, B. N. (Secretary); Patel, I. G. (Member); Nair, P. Govindan (Member)
1976Report of the National Commission on Agriculture, 1976India. Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation