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Title: Report of the direct taxes administration enquiry committee: 1958-59
Authors: Tyagi, Mabavir (Chairman)
Sinha, Rajendra Pratap (Member)
Gupte, B. M. (Member)
Kapadia, G. P. (Member)
Rajan, K. S. Sundara (Member)
Vallibhoy, F. H. (Member)
Keywords: Income tax - India
Taxation - India
Direct taxes administration enquiry committee - Report - India - 1958 - 59
Direct taxation - India
Taxation - Law and legislation - India
Income tax department - Public relations - India
Income tax - Employees - Recruity - India
Income tax - law and legislation - India
Employee fringe benefits - India
Tax refunds - India
Issue Date: 1960
Publisher: Manager of Publications, Delhi
Appears in Collections:Committee Commission Reports

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