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Title: Report of the minor irrigation committee, 1957
Authors: Saxena, B. P. (Member)
H. K. Nivas (Member)
Banerji, B. N. (Member)
U. S. Mahida (Member)
H. Anantachar (Member)
Hardikar J. C. (Member)
P. S. Rajagopalan (Member)
P. V. Divatia (Member)
Bennet, C. M. (Member)
Moti Ram (Member)
H. M. Antani (Member)
Nangea, G. R. (Member)
Mitra, J. N. (Member)
J. C. Ramchandan (Member)
Kalra, S. D. (Member)
Rao, U. Ananda (Member)
Rao, Narasimha (Member)
Beg, Fahim (Member)
Bulakani, F. P. (Member)
Keywords: Irrigation - Equipment and supply
Irrigation - India
Irrigation system - India
Wells - India
Minor Irrigation committee - Report - India - 1957
Ministry of Food and Agriclture - Report - India - 1957
Department of Agriculture - Report - India - 1957
Irrigation engineering - India
Agriculture - India
Agriculture Productivity - India
Issue Date: 1958
Publisher: Government of India Press, New Delhi
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