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Title: Report of the study group welfare of the weaker sections of the village community
Authors: Jayaprakash Narayan (Chairman)
Sahasrabudhe, Anna Saheb (Member)
Kripalani, Sucheta (Member)
Krishna, M. R. (Member)
Singh, Braj Raj (Member)
B. Sivaraman (Member)
L. M. Shrikant (Member)
R. Jagannathan (Secretary)
Keywords: Village communities - India
India - Industries, Rural
Education - India
Public works - India
Water supply Rural - India
Public welfare - India
Rural development - India
Agriculture - India
Ministry of community Development and cooperation - Report - India - 1961
Community development - India
Panchayati Raj - India
Cooperative societies - India
Economic development
Health Planning - India
Issue Date: 1961
Publisher: Government of India, New Delhi
Appears in Collections:Committee Commission Reports

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