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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Tables for the transliteration of Burmese into English-
-Tagore family a memoirFurrell, James W.
-Tagore law lectures 1881: the Law of trusts on British IndiaAgkew, William Fischer
-Tagore law lectures 1884: The law relating to gifts, trusts, and testamentary dispositions among the Mahommedans according to the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafei, and Shiah schoolsAli, Syed Ameer
-Tagore Law Lectures-1878 : The Hindu Law of Marriage and StridhanBanerjee, Gooroodass
-Tagore Law Lectures-1889 : The Law of Riparian rights Alluvion and Fishery with Introductory Lectures on the Rights of Littoral States over the Open Sea, Territorial Waters, Bays and the Rights of the Crown and the Littoral Proprietors Respectively over the Foreshore of the SeaDoss, Lal Mohun
-Tagore law sectures 1891-92 mahomedan law vol-1.Mohamed Yusoof Khan Bahadur
-Tales from the voicelessHardy, Marcella
-Tales of BengalChatterjee, Santa; Chatterjee, Sita
-Tales of old SindKincaid, C.A.
-Tales of the Punjab told by the peopleSteel, Flora Annie
-The talisman: a tale of the crusaders & cScott, Walter
-The talugdari settlement in oudhSarvadhikari, Rajkumar
-Tamil and Sanskrit inscriptions with some notes on village antiquitties collected chiefly in the South of the Madras presidencyBurgess, Jas; Natesa, S.M.
1983Tamil Nadu District Gazetteers: PudukkottaiGopalakrishna Gandhi
1972Tamil Nadu District Gazetteers: RamanathapuramA. Ramaswami
-The tanjore mahratta principality in southern india ,the land of the Chola; the eden of the SouthHickey, William
-Tantra of the Great liberation (Mahanirvana Tantra)Avalon, Arthur
1924Tariff board protection to cement industry, Evidence volume, 1924India
1955Tariff commission report of the continuance of protection to the cocoa Pouler and chocolate Industry, 1954Adarkar, B.N. (Member); Gupta, B.N. Das (Member); Malhotra, D.K. (Secretary); Ramasubban, C. (Member); Tariff Commission. Ministry of Commerce and Industry Govt. of India