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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1939Pacific locomotive committee report, 1939Mount, A. H. L. (Chairman); Carpmael, R. (Member); Dhawan, P. L. (Member); Stanier, W. A. (Member)
-Pagan survivals in Mohammedan civilisationWestermarck, Edward
-Pageant of IndiaWaley, Adolf
-Pageant of king Mindon leaving his palace on a visit to the Kyauktawgyi buddha image at Mandalay (1865)Duroiselle, Chas
-Pahlavi, gujarati and english dictionaryAsana, Jamaspji Dastur Minocheherji Jamasp
-Pahlavi, Gujarati and English dictionary Vol-IIIAsana, Jamasphi Dastur Minocheherji Jamasp
-Pahlavi, Gujarati and English dictionary.Asna, Jamaspji Dastur Minocheherji Jamasp
-Paia-Sadda-Mahannavo a comprehensive Prakrit-Hindi dictionary with Sanskrit equivalents, quotations and complete referencesT. Sheth, Hargovind Das
-Paintings in water colourCousins, J, H.
1934Palace days: the adventures and misadventures of a Guardian to a Rajah's heirR.B. Van Wart
-Palace days: the adventures and misadventures of a guardian to a Rajah's heirWart, R.B. Van
-Palgrares dictionary of political economy part-II Vol-I-
-Pali manuscripts in the India office libraryIndia Office Library. London
1947Pali manuscripts in the Indian Office LibraryE.W. Adikaram
-Pali Sanskrit and old Canarese inscriptions from the Bombay Presidency and parts of the Madras Presidency and MaisurFleet, J.F.
-The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionaryDavids, T. W. Rhys; Stede, William
-The Pali Text Societys Pali-English Dictionary (Part-I (A))Godwin- Austen, H.H.; Rhys Davids, T.W.; Stede,William
-Palk Manuscripts in the Possession of Mrs. Bannatyne of Haldon, Devon: Report-
-The PallavasJouveau-Dubreull, G.; Dikshitar, V.S. Swaminadha
-A Pamphlet on Mahomedan Education in BengalHossein, Syud Ameer