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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Labor movement in IndiaDas, Rajani Kanta
-Labour and Housing in Bombay : a Study in the Economic Conditions of the Wage-earning Classes in BombayBurnett-Hurst, A. R.
-Labour and housing in IndiaGupta, Raj Bahadur
-Labour in India a study of the conditions of Indian women in modern industryKelman, Janet Harvey
-Labour in Indian IndustriesBroughton, G. M.
-Labour in MadrasWadia, B.P.
1923Labour Office report on an enquiry into the wages and hours of labour in the cotton mill industryKay, J. A. (Chairman); Wacha, Dinsha (Member); Saklatvala, S. D. (Member); Wadia, C. N. (Member); Stones, F. (Member); Sayer, C. B. (Member)
-Lac: production, manufacture, and tradeO'conor, J.E.
-Lady Login's recollections court life and camp life 1820-1904Login, E. Dalhousie
-The Laghukaumudi a Sanskrit grammarVaradaraja
-Lahor : its history, architectural remains and antiquitiesSyad Muhammad Latif
-Lancer at largeYeats-Brown, F.
-The land acquisition act 1870 (act X of 1870) with introduction and notesBeverley, H.
-The land acquisition act being act of 1894 and act XVIII of 1885 of the governor-general of Indian in councilBeverley, H.
-Land Acquisition Acts being Act 1 of 1894 and Act XVII, of 1885 of the Governor-General of India in CouncilBeverley, H.
-Land and freshwater Mollusca of India including: South Arabia, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Nepal, Burmah, Pegu, Tenasserim, Malay Peninsula, Ceylon and other Islands of the Indian OceanGodwin- Austen, H.H.
-Land and labour in a Deccan villageSahasrabuddhe, D.L.; Kanitkar, N.V.; Tamhane, V.A.; Mann, Harold H.
-Land and labour in a Deccan villageMann, Harold H.
-Land and labour of India a reviewNassau Lees, W.
-Land of 'Ranji' and 'Duleep'Kincaid, Charles A.