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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1959Co - operative training: notes and proceedings relating to the third meeting of the central committee for co - operative training held on 18th January 1956Karve D. G. (Chairman); Bhide, M. R. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Bhargava, M. P. (Member)
1960Report of the committee on co-operative creditMehta, Vaikunth L. (Chairman); Narayanaswami, T. M. (Vice - Chairman); Chaudhary, Tarapado (Member); Reddy, K. Achuta (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Rao, V. K. (Member); Bhide, M. R. (Member); Hasan, Siddique (Member); Reddi, T. V. (Member); Narasimham, C. (Member); Mudaliar, A. Palaniappa (Member - Secretary); India. Ministry of Community Development and Co-operation (Department of Co-operation)
1950Report of the committee on legal aid and legal advice in the state of BombayBhagwati, N.H. (Chairman); Shingne, P.B. (Member); Pataskar, H.V. (Member); Khan, A.A. (Member); Shrikant, L.M. (Member); Lad, P.M. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Gandhi, L.C. (Member); Jakati, B.V. (Member); Pandia, Nayan H. (Member); Barot, J.M. (Member); Mehta, R.M. (Secretary); Bombay. Legal Department
1973Report of the I.C.A.R. enquiry committeeGajendragadkar, P.B. (Chairman); Kothari, D.S. (Member); Sethna, H.N. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Nagchaudhuri, B.D. (Member); Kanungo, M.S. (Member); India. Ministry of Agriculture; Dandekar, V.M (Chairman); Nagi, L.S. (Member); Patel, J.S (Member); Rao, C.R (Member); India. Ministry of Agriculture
1973Report of the ICAR enquiry committeeGajendragadkar, P.B. (Chairman); Kothari, D.S. (Member); Chaudhuri, B.D. Nag (Member); Sethna, H.N. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member)
1973Report of the Indian council of Agriculture research enquiry committeeGajendragadkar, P.B. (Member); Kanungo, M.S. (Member); Nagchaudhuri, B.D. (Member); Kothari, D.S. (Member); Sethna, H.N. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Shrimali, K.L. (Chairman); India. Ministry of Agriculture
1955Report of the taxation enquiry commission,1953 - 54Matthai, John (Chairman); Mehta, Vaikunth L. (Member); Menon, K. R. K. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Madan, B. K. (Member); India. Ministry of Finance (Dept. of Economic Affairs)
1959Report of the working group on co-operative policyDamle, K. R. (Chairman); Bhide, M. R. (Member); Singh, Tarlok (Member); Anjaria, J. J. (Member); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Patel, B. P. (Member); Goswami, G. D. (Member); Bagchi, B. P. (Member); Rangachary, M. V. (Member); Chishti, R. H. (Member); Bhargava, M. P. (Member); India. Ministry of Community Development & Co-Operation (Department of Co-Operation)
1953Report to the rural banking enquiry committeeThakurdas, Purushotamdas (Chairman); Bhabha, C. H. (Vice-Chairman); Venkatappiah, B. (Member); Gopal, Ram (Member); Sonalker, V. R. (Member); Ryan, J. C. (Member); Nangia, N. D. (Member); India. Ministry of Finance. Department of Economic Affairs