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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1957Economy of iron and steel in building construction: report of the committee constituted by the national buildings organisationGhandy, Jehangir (Chairman); Kutar, P. H. (Member); Ayyar, N. Padmanabha (Member); Antia, K. F. (Member); Bagchi, N. C. (Member); Haldar, M. K. (Member); Poonen, P. C. (Member); Krebs, W. E. (Member); Gupta, S. Das (Member); Hodgkinson, H. (Member); Desai, D. S. (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); National Buildings Organisation
1976Further report of the Krishna water disputes tribunal under Section 5(3) of the Inter -state water disputes act, 1956India. Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal; Bachawat, R. S. (Chairman); Marwaha, R. P. (Secretary); Bahadur, Shamsher (Member); Bhandari, D.M. (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member)
1946Report of the central national museum of art, archaeology and anthropologyGwyer, Maurice (Chairman); Sargent, John (Member); Medd, H. A. N. (Member); Rao, V. Narahari (Member); Iyengar, H. V. R. (Member); Bozman, G. S. (Member); Wheeler, R. E. Mortimer (Member); Sen, S. N. (Member); Guha, B. S. (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); Chakravarti, N. P. (Secretary)
1946Report of the Central Pay CommissionSvinwasa, Varadacharior (Chairman); Sheehy, John (Member); Wilson, A. H. (Member); Menon, K. R. K. (Member); S. Ranganathan (Member); H. Greenfield (Member); K. Santhanam (Member); Thomas, A. F. F. (Member); V. Narayan (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); Ben, S. N. (Member); Tymms, Frederick (Member); Banerji, S. K.(Member); Aiyai, S. S. (Member); Joshi, S. C. (Member); Bokhari, A. S. (Member); Tennant, W. R. (Member); Staig, Bertie (Member); Bhagat, P. G. (Member); Khan Bahadur Mohammad (Member); Sen, S. C. (Member); R. G. P. S. Fairbairn (Principal- Member); Hardaker (Member)
1948Report of the committee of the Central Advisory Board of Education on a National Cultural Trust for India, together with the decisions of the board thereonAiyar, C. P. Ramaswamy (Member); Bagchi, P. (Member); Tara Chand (Member); Edgley, Norman G. A. (President); Gwyer, Maurice (Member); M. Hasan, (Member); Zakir Husain (Member); Majithia, Surjit Singh (Member); Menon, K. Ramunni (Member); Mehta, Mohan Sinha (Member); Mudliar, A. Lakshmanaswamy (Member); Radhakrishnan, Sarvapalli (Member); Ray, Renuka (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); Sukthankar, Malini B. (Member); Swaminadhan, Ammu (Member); India. Bureau of Education
1957Report of the committee on electric furnaces, steel foundries and steel re-rolling mills, April 1957Dorasamy, V. (Secretary); Sambasivan, S. (Chairman); Chatterjee, H. M. (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); Agrawal, R. M. (Member); India. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
1946Report of the inter-departmental committee on official statisticsGregory, T. E. (Chairman); Lall, A. S. (Member); Kharegat, P. M. (Member); Natu, W. R. (Member); Adarkar, B. P. (Member); Patel, H. M. (Member); Kaul, B. N. (Member); Chettur, K. K. (Member); Divatia, M. V. (Member); Rutnam., D. R. (Member); Sukhatme, P. V. (Member); Elwin, R. B. (Member); Proudlock, R. (Member); Roe., H. R. (Member); Mani, T. M. S. (Member); Homfray, P. W. R. (Member); Pandit, M. V. (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); Purl, T. C. (Member); Junaid, M. M. (Member); Srivastava, M. P. (Member); Ghosh, J.N. (Member); Ramamurti, B. (Member); Subramanian, S. (Member)
1944Report on Blindness in IndiaIndia. Central Advisory Board of Health and Education; Armstrong, W. H. S. (Member); Mcdonald, D. P. (Member); Sen, D. M. (Member); C. Mackenzie (Secretary); Wall, W. G. P. (Member); Singh, Sohan (Member); Sargent, J. (Member); Paton, W. C. (Member); Nayar, K. Koman (Member); Mehta, G. L. (Member); Kirwan, E. W. O'g. (Member); Khan, A. S.(Member); H. Holland (Member); Hance, J. B. (Member); Duggan, J. N. (Member); Daudpota, U. M. (Member); E. Cotter (Member); Bozman, C. A. (Member); Bhaduri, B. N. (Member)