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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975-01First report the committee on Inventory management on RailwaysIndia. Ministry of Railways; Qureshi, Shafi (Chairman); Rajan, K. S. Sundara (Member); Chatterjee, H. M. (Member); R. Rajagopalan (Member); M. V. Kamath (Member); A. Chandmal (Member)
1953Fuel economy on Indian railways: report of the Railway fuel economy enquiry committeeIndia. Ministry of Railways; Massey, R. A. (Chairman); Verma, P. L. (Member); Kamlani, M. V. (Member); Guha, A. B. (Member); Corbett, L. S. (Member); Whitaker, J. W. (Member)
1950Railway joint advisory committee: a brief resume of its recommendations with decisions of the Ministry of RailwaysIndia. Ministry of Railways; F. Jeejeebhoy (Chairman); Shastri, Hariharnath (Absent Member); V. T. Narayanan (Secretary); Bhandari, K. S.(Member); Saxena, P. N. (Member); Ayyar, R. Ramaswami (Member); Chatterjee, P. K.(Member); Khedgikar, R. A. (Member); S. Guruswami (Member)
1956-09Report of the commission of Inquiry to ascertain the causes of the accident to 565 Down passenger train between Jadcherla and Mahbubnagar on the Central Railway, on the night of 1st/2nd September, 1956.India. Ministry of Railways; Desai, Sunderlal Trikamlal
1959-10Report of the committee of EngineersIndia. Ministry of Railways; Khosla, A. N. (Chairman); Ganguli, B. C. (Secretary); Sinha, H. P. (Member); Roy, N. K. (Member); Aserappa, R. E. (Member)
1958Report of the Expert committee on coal consumption on Railways, 1958India. Ministry of Railways; Singh, Karnail (Chairman); R. Krishnaswamy (Member); Ratan Lall (Member); Whitaker, J. W. (Member); Nayak, P. M. (Member); Mathur, D. P. (Manager)
1959-04Report of the fourth meeting of the water treatment committee: with Railway Board's ordersIndia. Ministry of Railways; Bhatawadekar, R. G. (Chairman); S. Ramanujam (Secretary); N. V. Pandit (Member); Nair, K. P. S. (Member); Iyengar, G. R. (Member); Gupta, J. N. (Member)
1954Report of the Railway accidents enquiry committee, 1954: with appendices and the Railway Board's observationsIndia. Ministry of Railways; Khan, Shah Nawaz (Chairman); Dar, T. N. (Secretary); Sen, N. S. (Member); Mubayi, P. N. (Member)
1957Report of the railway accidents enquiry committee-1954 with appendices and the Railway board's observationsIndia. Ministry of Railways; Mubayi, P.N. (Member); Sen, N.S. (Member); Dar, T.N. (Member); India. Ministry of Health; India. Health Survey and Planning Committee
1953-55Report of the Railway Corruption Enquiry Committee, 1953-55India. Ministry of Railways; Kunzru, Hriday Nath (Chairman); Trivedi, H. N. (Secretary); Upadhyaya, M. D. (Member); Sarangadhar Das (Member); Samanta, Satish Chandra (Member); Singh, Ramsubhag (Member); Naidu, P. S. Rajagopal (Member); K. Raghuramiah (Member); More, K. L. (Member); A. Krishnaswamy (Member); Hegde, K. S. (Member); Barlingay, W. S. (Member); Khan, Shahnawaz (Member)
1957Report of the railway freight structure enquiry committee 1955-57India. Ministry of Railways
1955-57Report of the Railway freight structure enquiry committee: 1955-57India. Ministry of Railways; Mudaliar, A. Ramaswamy (Chairman); Singh, T. N. (Member); Barooah, D. K. (Member); Puri, I. S. (Member); Bhandarkar, V. P. (Member); Jha, L. K. (Member); Basu, A. K. (Member); Saldanha, G. S. A. (Member)
1982Report of the railway reforms committeeIndia. Ministry of Railways; Sawhney, V.P. (Member); Satyapal, M. (Member); Sarik, H.C. (Member); Ray, S.K. (Chairman)
1958Report of the thirty-eighth meeting of the locomotive standards committeeJ. F. Muncherjee (Member); Mullick, A. K. (Member); K. C. Lall (Member); Venkataraman, P. S. (Member); Jagota, S. S. (Member); Krishnamurti, R. (Member); Khan, M. M. (Member); Vohra, R. L. (Member); Da Costa, R. G. (Member); India. Ministry of Railways
1969Report of the Uneconomic branch lines committee, 1969India. Ministry of Railways; Chaturvedi, Rohan Lal (Chairman); Rao, J. B. (Member - Secretary); K. Narayanan (Member); Baveja, G. C.(Member); Naidu, N. P. C. (Member); Patel, T. K. (Member); S. C. Samanta (Member)