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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1956Interim report of the committee appointed by the Government of India to study and report on the question of establishing Uniform Standards in respect of education and practice of Vaidyas, Hakims and HomoeopathsIndia. Ministry of Health; Dave, Dayashanker Trikamji (Chairman); Dave, D.T. (Member); Rahim, A.A. (Member); Mehdi Nawaz Jung (Member); Mukherji, A.D. (Member); Shah, Shanti Lal H. (Member)
1948Report of the committee on indigenous systems of medicineDwarakanath, C. (Member); Chopra, R.N. (Chairman); Lakshmipathi, A. (Member); Lagu, B.C. (Member); Pathak, B.A. (Member); Ghosh, B.N. (Member); Shah, M.H. (Member); Khan, Hakim Nasiruddin Ahmed (Member); Butt, A. (Member); Qarshy, Hassan (Member); Khan, Nisar Ahmed (Member); India. Ministry of Health
1965Report of the committee on urban land policyPrakash, Gian (Chairman); Rahman, S. M. Fazlur (Member); Majid, S. M. A. (Member); Zakaria, Rafiq (Member); Chandra, Prabodh (Member); Vira, Dharma (Member); Daga, H. C. (Member); Dutt, S. (Member); India. Ministry of Health
1950Report of the environmental hygiene committee, 1949India. Ministry of Health; Gupta, B. C. Das (Chairman); Bose, P. C. (Member); Mehta, R. S. (Member); Modak, N. V. (Member); Raman, A. V. (Member); Subrahmanyan, K. (Member)
1962Report of the health survey and planning committee, August 1959 - October 1961India. Ministry of Health
1962Report of the health survey and planning committee, August 1959 - October 1961India. Health Survey and Planning Committee; India. Ministry of Health
1951Report of the Local finance enquiry committee: a brief summary of the recommendationsIndia. Ministry of Health; Wattal, P. K. (Chairman); Dayaldas Sobhraj (Secretary); Sapru, S. N. (Member); B. D. Mirchandani (Member); Gupta, S. K. (Member); Dar, M. B. L. (Member); Gownder, K. N. A. (Member); Kapila, R. D. (Member); Gole, P. B. (Member); Agrawal, R. N. (Member); Barfivala, C. D. (Member); Sidhwa, R. K. (Member)
1957Report of the railway accidents enquiry committee-1954 with appendices and the Railway board's observationsIndia. Ministry of Railways; Mubayi, P.N. (Member); Sen, N.S. (Member); Dar, T.N. (Member); India. Ministry of Health; India. Health Survey and Planning Committee
1961Report of the School Health CommitteeIndia. Ministry of Health; Ray, Renuka (Chairman); Cherian, Tara (Member); Kabbur, N. B. (Member); K. R. Ramachandran (Member); M. Swaminathan V; R. P. Devadas (Member); C. Gopalan (Member); Mehta, Pushpa (Member); V. Ramakrishna (Member)