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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1888Appendices: report of the Public service commission, 1886-87India.
1905Appendix to the report of the Shimla Aliwances committeeIndia.
1981-05Compendium of observations and recommendations of the National Police CommissionIndia.; Vira, Dharma (Chairman); Narasimhan, C.V. (Member); Gore, M. S. (Member); Saksena, N. S. (Member); Rustamji, K. F. (Member); Reddy, N. K. (Member)
1907Decentralization committee for the royal commission on decentralization: note of land revenue settlements with suggestionsIndia.; Tucker, A. R.
1969Draft proposals of state governments for the new fourth five year plan in general Education: report of the working group on general EducationIndia.
1894Evidence of from North-Western provinces and Oudh and Punjab: taken before the Indian hump drugs commissionIndia.; Indian Hump & Drugs Commission
1894Evidence of witnesses from Bengal and Assam taken before the Indian hemp drugs commissionIndia.
1958Fifth evaluation report on working of community projects and N. E. S. blocks, May 1958: summary and conclusionsIndia.
1980-11Fifth report of the National Police CommissionIndia.; Vira, Dharma (Member); Gore, M. S. (Member); Saksena, N. S. (Member); Rustamji, K. F. (Member); Reddy, N. Krishnaswamy (Member)
1980Forty-first report on the code of criminal procedure 1898India.
1980Fourth report of the National Police CommissionIndia.; Reddy, N. Krishnaswamy (Member); Narasimhan, C. V. (Member); Saksena, N. S. (Member); Gore, M. S. (Member); Rustamji, K. F. (Member)
1997-03-05Implementation CommitteeIndia.; New Delhi. Vigyan Bhawan Annexe
1933-11-16Joint committee on Indian constitutional reform, Session 1932 - 33India.
1930Memoranda submitted to the Indian statutory commission by the government of IndiaIndia.
1930Memorandum for the Indian statutory commission on the working of the reforms in Bihar and OrissaIndia.
1908Minutes of evidence taken before the royal commission upon decentralization in BurmaIndia.
1900Minutes of evidence taken by the Indian plague commission with appendicesIndia.
-Proceedings of the Public Service CommissionIndia.
1904Proportions of opens and natives in the Public ServiceIndia.
1919-11-17Report from the joint select committee on the government of India BillIndia.