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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1929Central provinces District Gazetteers Jubbulpore District B, volume, statical tables, 1891-1928Government of Maharashtra
1929Central Provinces District Gazetteers: Chhindwara District: B Volume, statiacal tables, 1891-1928Government of Maharashtra
1927Central Provinces District Gazetteers: Nimar District, B Volumes, statical tables, 1891-1926Government of Maharashtra
1929Central Provinces District Gazetteers: Wardha DistrictGovernment of Maharashtra
1883H.D. settlement report of Bagalkot taluka, 1883India. Maharashtra; Government of Maharashtra
1909Imperial Gazetteer of India Provincial Series Bombay Presidency Vol. IIGovernment of Maharashtra
1989Maharashtra state gazetteer: Satara district (supplement)Government of Maharashtra; Chaudhari, K. K.
1978Maharashtra State Gazetteers: Ratnagiri District SupplementGovernment of Maharashtra
1962Maharashtra state irrigation commission reportBarve, S.G. (Chairman); Gadgil, D.R. (Director-Member); Champhekar, M.L. (Member); Shinde, Annasaheb P. (Member); Deshmukh, Datta A. (Member); Girme, Yeshwantrao L. (Member); Bedekar, S.K. (Secretary); Deshmukh, K.G. (Amravati, Member); Kadam, Sripatrao L. (Member); Mohite, S.P. (Member); Pandit, G.N. (Member); Gadkary, D.A. (Member); Government of Maharashtra
1967Memorandum on Maharashtra-Mysore border dispute to the commission on Maharashtra-Mysore-Kerala boundary disputes, 1967Government of Maharashtra
1968Report of the administrative reorganisation committeeBarve, S.G. (Chairman); Naik, V.P. (Member); Chavan, S.B. (Member); Thorat, S.P.P. (Member); Tandon, P.L. (Member); Sathe, D.D. (Member); Kogekar, S.V. (Member); Parikh, G.D. (Member); Deshpande, N.R. (Member); Pardasani, N.S. (Member); Government of Maharashtra
1961Report of the commission of enquiry appointed to inquire into the causes of the explosion in the gas holder No. 4 at Lalbaug, BombayGovernment of Maharashtra
1960Report of the committee appointed by government of Bombay for survey of possibility of development of salt Industry in Kokan stripChudgar, M. S. (Chairman); Dhrae, N.T. (Member); Bagayatkar, Vithalrao B. (Member); Sule, S.G. (Member); Joshi, J.D. (Member); Government of Maharashtra
1964Report of the committee for unification of land revenue lawsDesai, M.N.(Chairman); Mone, S.S. (Member); Pande, M.P. (Member); Government of Maharashtra
1968Report of the cotton textile committeeKogekar, S.V. (Chairman); Kher, S.A. (Member); Dutt, I.B. (Member); Government of Maharashtra
1965Report of the gas advisory committeeKher, P.G. (Chairman); Bhalla, S.L. (Member); Nanjundiah, H. (Member); Tambay, V.S. (Member-Secretary); Government of Maharashtra
1962Report of the Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji University committee, 1962Tawade, S.R. (Chairman); Khardedar, B.H. (Member); Dhekney, B.R. (Member); Mugali, R.S. (Member); Patil, B.S. (Member); Phadke, N.S. (Member); Dass, Bhagwan (Member); Naik, B.S. (Member); Apte, V.A. (Member - Secretary); Government of Maharashtra
1924Speeches by the earl of reading, vol. I from Ist April 1921 to 31st March 1923Government of Maharashtra
1926Speeches by the earl of reading, vol. II from 15th Hybe 1923 to 1st April 1926Government of Maharashtra
1982Statistical abstract of Maharashtra state for the year, 1977-78Government of Maharashtra