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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1964Report of the committee on the separation of the judiciary from the executive, 1947Lokur, N.S. (Chairman); Jahagirdar, R.A. (Member); Daptary, C.K. (Member); Datar, B.N. (Member); Khan, A.A. (Member); Chavan, Y.B. (Member); Patil, S.D. (Member); Gandhi, Diwan Bahadur Chunilal M. (Member); Shukla, Himatlal (Member); More, S.S. (Member); Drewe, G.G. (Member); Gallagher, W.N. (Member)
1957Report of the river valley projects technical personnel committeeMascarenhas, W.X. (Chairman); Datar, B.N. (Member); Chandiramani, G.K. (Member); Singh, Ripudaman (Member); Gupchup, N.S. (Member); Braganza, J.V.P. (Member); Basrur, R.S. (Member); Char, A.K. (Member)
1958Report of the study group on social security, 1958Menon, Y.K.R. (Chairman); Albuquerque, V.M. (Member); Mubayi, S.N. (Member); Datar, B.N. (Member); Krishnamurty, S. (Member); Bhargava, K.K. (Member-Secretary); India. Ministry of Labour and Employment
1969Report on the population projections worked out: under the guidance of the expert committee set up by the planning commission under the chairmanship of the registrarMitra, A. (Chairman); Sharma, I.R.K. (Member); Mazumdar, A.G. (Member); Raina, B.L. (Member); Desai, P.B. (Member); Dandekar, K. (Member); Chandrasekaran, C. (Member); Datar, B.N. (Member); lyengar, M.A.N. (Member); Chand, Uttam (Member); Tilak, V.R.K. (Member); Chellaswami, T. (Member); Naik, J.P. (Member); Bhandari, R.K. (Member); India. Ministry of Home Affairs. Office of the Registrar General