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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1956Outline report of the study group on educated unemployedMenon, V.K.R. (Chairman); Chandiramaniv, G X. (Member); Sings, Jakg Bir (Member); Kane, G. P. (Member); Subramanian, K. H. (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member); Suri, P. C. (Member); Cadir, S.A. (Member)
1957Report of river valley projects technical personnel committee, New Delhi, 1956Mascarenhas, W. X. (Chairman); Datar, B. N. (Member); G. K. Chandiramani (Member); Singh, Ripudaman (Member); N. S. Gupchup (Member); Braganza, J. V. P. (Member); Basrur, R. S. (Member)
1969Report of the committee on distribution of income and levels of livingRao, V. K. R. V. (Member); Mathew, P. C. (Member); Mahalanobis, P. C. (Chairman); Lokanathan, P. S. (Member); Ganguli, B. N. (Member); Sahay, Vishnu (Member); Mazumdar, D. L. (Member); Madan, B. K. (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member)
1956Report of the Engineering personnel committeeIndia. Planning Commission; Ynsukzhankar, (Chairman); H. Davenport (Member); N. Govindarajan (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member); Kalelkar, B. D. (Member); G. K. Chandiramani (Member); H. P. Mathrani (Member); Mushran, K. P. (Member); S. Ranganathan (Joint Secretary-Member); Bapat, S. B. (Joint Secretary-Member); Thacker, M. S. (Member); Sain, Kanwar (Member); Sahay, Vishnu (Member)
1958Report of the study group on Social Security, 1958India. Ministry of Labour and Employment; Menon, V. K. R. (Chairman); Jain, S. P. (Member-Secretary); Datar, B. N. (Member); Mubayi, S. N. (Member); V. M. Albuquerque (Member)
1982Report of the syllabus review committee on training programmes of central board for workers educationVir, Dharma (Chairman); Gupta, H. C. (Secretary); Ramanujam, G. (Member); Subrahraanya, R K. A. (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member); Kamath, V. B. (Member); Mehta, Prayag (Member); India. Ministry of Labour
1967Report on a framework for incomes and prices policyMadan, B. K. (Chairman); Adarkar, B. N. (Member); Krishnaswamy, K. S. (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member); Nair, K. R. (Member); Pendharkar, V. G. (Member); Choudhari, S. C. (Member)
1964Report on literacy among industrial workersMehta, M. S. (Chairman); Rao, P. Chentsal (Secretary); Sriwastava, K. G. (Secretary); Dutta, S. C. (Secretary); Singh, Jagdish (Member-Secretary); Mehta, R. L. (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member); Deshpande, A. R. (Member); Balasubramaniam, C. (Member); Sankaranarayanan, A. R. (Member); Sinha, R. (Member); Saraf, S. N. (Member); Saksena, R. C. (Member); Bose, Maitreyee (Member); Singh, Sohan (Member); India. Committee on Plan Projects
1957Report on workers educationIyengar, A. S. (Chairman); Luchek, Anthony (Member); Fonseca, A. (Member); Larsson, Knut (Member); Easwaran, P. S. (Member); Knight, Percy (Member); Bacon, Emory (Member); Datar, B. N. (Member); Kannappan, S. (Member); India. Ministry of Labour