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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Committees and commissions in India 1980: a concept's projectDixit, P. V. (Chairman); Shankar,S. N. (Member); Prasad, Gangeshwar (Member); Bakshi, P. M. (Member)
1973Fiftieth report the proposal to include persons connected with public examinations with the definition of "public servant" in the Indian penal code 1972Gajendragadkar, P. B. (Chairman); Iyer, V. R. Krishna (Member); Tripathi, P. K. (Member); Dhavan, S. S. (Member); Bakshi, P. M. (Member)
1971Forty - sixth report on the constitution (twenty - fifth amendment) bill, 1971Gajendragadkar, P. B. (Chairman); Iye, V. R. Krishna (Member); Tripathi, P. K.(Member); Bakshi, P. M. (Member)
1965Law commission of India: twenty-sixth report on insolvency lawsSen, Asoke Kumar (Chairman); Aiyar, T. L. Venkatarama (Member); Bakshi, P. M. (Member); Kapur, J. L. (Member); India. Ministry of Law
1963-09Report on evidence of officers about Forged stamps, currency notes, etc: Twenty Fifth reportIndia. Ministry of Law and Justice; India. Law Commission of India; Kapur, J. L. (Chairman); Bakshi, P. M. (Member); Tope, T. K. (Member); Niren De (Member); Varma, S. P. Sen - (Member); Hiranandani, S. K. (Member); Datar, K. G. (Member)
1968-02Thirty -Eighth report Indian Post office act, 1898India. Ministry of Law; Kapur, J. L. (Chairman); Bakshi, P. M. (Member); Mookerjee, Rama Prasad (Member); Tope, T. K. (Member); Dulat, S. S. (Member); Datar, K. G. (Member)
1965Twenty - eighth report the Indian Oaths act, 1873Sen, Asoke Kumar (Chairman); Bakshi, P. M. (Member)